• ABOVETEK Desk Clamp Keyboard Tray

    Our state-of-the-art ergonomic keyboard tray is perfect for those who wish to reclaim valuable desk space and put their body in a healthy position to type comfortably for longer.

    Simply mount the under-desk keyboard tray to your existing desk, the sturdy C-clamps with anti-skid padding ensure no marks or damage is left on the work surface, and smoothly glide to your ideal keyboard and mouse placement to relieve strain and work more efficiently.

    The extra-wide keyboard tray accommodates a full-size keyboard, mouse, and more. Alternatively, you can use this spacious keyboard platform to conveniently store books, smartphones, tablets, and even use it to have your meals on.


  • Sturdy C-Clamps: Securely mount the keyboard tray to your workstation, without causing any damage to your desk, thanks to the incredibly sturdy C-clamps with protective rubber padding; the AboveTEK desk keyboard tray is crafted from solid, skin-friendly and anti-skid MDF board and is designed for maximum stability, with heavy-duty clamps that extend to fit desks up to 2.2 inches thick.


  • Expand Your Desk Space: Recoup precious workspace by creating an additional layer under your desk with this large clamp keyboard tray, featuring an extra wide surface that provides plenty of room to fit a keyboard, mouse, and other desk supplies.


  • Super Easy Installation: Optimized design comes with all the necessary hardware as well as easy-to-read instructions so you can simply and quickly clamp this under-desk keyboard tray onto your work surface – without drilling holes in your desk – and start using it in no time; the keyboard and mouse tray supports up to 12.8lbs/5.8kg.


  • Enhanced Ergonomics: With the wobble-free rails, you can smoothly extend the under-desk keyboard tray, to a maximum of 7.1” from the edge of your desk, to create an ergonomic setup that enables you to type at a more comfortable position and relieve stress on your wrists, neck, and shoulders; also, the premium wrist rest provides additional support and comfort.