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About AboveTEK

AboveTEK® is a New York based creator of quality tech products and accessories for mobile devices. We aim to add more value and comfort to day-to-day use of consumers’ mobile devices. We are a team with passion for flexibility, convenience and innovation.

Keeping our mission to provide "Versatile, Elegant, Healthy" accessories and gadgets, we create products that would simplify our customers’ interaction with technology. We aspire to elevate your experience and bring you closer to moments that matter.

We don't just promote comfort, WE CREATE IT.


I bought this device for my ipad Pro, for my desk. I work from home, and being able to run CNN or music or whatever in the background, while working, without taking up much needed space on my desk, was a necessity. It does exactly what it says it will do and I am really glad I purchased it.

Tonya - Customer


Just what I was looking for. Although this is designed to work on a desk I was looking for a mounting arm for my iPad Pro on my Concept 2 Rowing Machine. This clamps perfectly onto the display arm of the rower and allows perfect positioning of my iPad for viewing while working out. Seems to be very well made, highly adjustable, and is just what I was looking for.

- Customer