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Bracket for 5.5-13.5" Phone & Table (TA-2B)


  • Universal iPad holder with all-around rubber protection fits any large tablets/smartphones with width or length measurement in the RANGE of 5.9"-9.2", get compatible "AboveTEK Stylish Tablet Stand" to pair with this bracket to be ideal docking station stand often used at restaurant shop register point of sale, office home desk and many more.

  • High-end TPR material makes this such a sturdy mount bracket with extreme durability compared to other flimsy holders, connect it to our compatible metal base desktop stand highly rigid to showcase your various gadgets without worry of falling or tilting.

  • Ergonomic with special cutout for charging cable & large holder area designed for more stability on your tablets, Quick attach onto our matching iPad stand and turn this 360° rotatable holder into a highly flexible desktop display with any viewing angles or landscape/portrait mode.

  • Easier to type, view and swivel with great stability on your iPads/Android/Windows Tablets, confidently interact with customers at restaurant, check out at register, collaborate in group meeting at office, present products or services at showroom and much more.

  • Please be advised that purchase of compatible AboveTEK Tablet Stand need to be made separately in order to use this bracket holder part; please contact us for any questions or concerns, we will provide the greatest customer service to you.


* The listing is only for the 13-inch bracket holder part. Purchase compatible AboveTEK Tablet Stand models in the above chart separately in order to use this component.

* After purchase of compatible AboveTEK Tablet Stand models, simply detach the smaller holder and attach this 13-inch holder onto the locking mechanism for quick installation

* Remember to check the width or length measurement of your device in order to make sure either one fits within the expansion range (5.9"- 9.2") of this 13" bracket holder

With our mobile device getting bigger and bigger, especially the tablets and iPads we interact with every single day in different environment settings, having a truly sturdy and flexible holder mount that can really free our hands and make us more productive has become essential. Not only is this a healthier way of viewing the gigantic iPad Pro, but the holder further help us discover the unrealized functions of our large tablets instead of just holding them with our hands and feeling a broken arm few minutes later. It helps create such high efficiency in busy business and commercial settings, especially used for store and retail purpose for both tablets and smartphones.


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