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Suction Cup Stand (TS-136W)


+ Enjoy complete hands-free experience for home entertainment (watching movies, reading news, cooking dinner, etc)

+ Be more productive on work tasks with your tablet being a dual-screen for your laptop at office

+ Showcase display to be more professional & fancy at events and conference

+ Make your business transaction smoother and faster at restaurants, shops, Café, or any commercial retail store

This Stylish Universal Desktop tablet mount can serve you all of the needs of using a tablet at home and business environment. Nowadays, we work, play, watch, read, shop, type and do business all on our tablets. These interactions with your tech gadgets will be much more enhanced and facilitated with this unique Tablet/Phone Stand.

- Strong metal base is highly rigid and stable to sustain weights of numerous mobile gadgets

- 360° rotation for your great health benefits with good posture, neck relaxing and various viewing angles

- Always keep your gadgets juiced up with its ergonomic design for housing power cord

- Customize tightness of the arm rotation by using included hex wrench


  • Rotary knob design turns and pushes out air completely for maximum suction power with sticky suction pad ensuring air-proof structure for extreme stability. Sturdy arm plus suction base strongly attaches to any vertical or horizontal smooth surface for best posture and eye-level viewing.

  • Universal Apple iPad holder 360-degree rotation fits any 4"-11" display tablet PCs (iPad Air/Mini/10.5-inch iPad Pro/Galaxy Tab) and Smartphones (iPhone 4/5/6/7/Plus/Samsung Galaxy) with a width or length measurement in the range of 4.5"-7.5", an ideal iPad desk mount great for home office and business occasion.

  • 360 degree arm rotation & 180 degree folding makes this iPad/iPhone mount highly adjustable & flexible for multi-angle viewing, a must-have hands-free iPad stand for entertainment & display on car windshield, kitchen bedside table, or as office desktop dual-screen display and retail business Point of Sale.

  • Highly portable & lightweight with midget size design echoes with your sleek tech gadgets and very easy to travel with, even featuring special cutouts on the holder for housing power cord – a true tablet computer stand with rubber padding for protection. Use as iPad mini holder mount for bed and mobile display.

  • Extremely versatile mobile device docking station with a ¼" DSLR Camera Tripod Adapter included as extra bonus to transform into a tripod or a projector stand. Adjusting tightness of the arm base with included Allen Key ensures superb stability and wobble-free strong grip.

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