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Tablet Wall Mount Stand (TS-238B)


+ Make your commercial retail store to be more professional and appealing with a wall mount display showcasing the products/services

+ Let your event presentation be more engaging by having a showcase display mounted at your booth

+ Make your restaurant more efficient with an iPad mounted on counter wall for waiters to quickly check out or display menu info

+ Be more productive on work tasks with your colleagues and peers at office

+ Set up your home to be more high-tech by having a wall-mounted iPad for easy control of home appliances or media center

This tablet wall mount stand can serve you all the needs of using a tablet at home and business environments. Nowadays, tech gadgets especially tablets have become essential in our daily life. We work, play, watch, read, shop, type and do business all on our tablets. These interactions with your tech gadgets will be much enhanced and facilitated with this universal tablet holder.


* User Instruction on the side of the package box for quick assembly.

* The two holders expansion range is 6.6"-9.6" in total. Either side of your tablet has to be within this range in order to fit the product.



  • Versatile application allow your tablet become dual screen in your office on the cupboard, a recipe guide on your kitchen wall, or even as fitness video showcasing on gym wall, a true universal docking station on any vertical or flat surface where you need to use your iPad.

  • Two size rubber padded bracket holders as extra bonus to fit a variety of Apple iPad Mini Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablets with width or length measurement in the RANGE of 6.6"-9.6", a perfect match of large tablets typically used at restaurant shop point of sale or for office drywall/cabinet.

  • 360° bracket rotation plus horizontal/vertical tilt for any optimal portrait or landscape viewing angles; Quick switch between small and large holders with simple push button mechanism while maintaining very steady pose for various adjustment.

  • Strong joint between wall mount and bracket ensures solid structure and secure mounting with 3 screws and wall anchor plugs included for great stability and convenience for both permanent or temporary wall mounting. Tools required for the installation: Electric drill, Phillips Screwdriver and Hammer.

  • Ideal mount at home living room for smart device control, or as easy display of information at public places such as school, conference room, dorms, showroom, hotels or hospitals reception, a perfect 12.9" iPad Pro kiosk wall mount for business settings.

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