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iPad Lock Security Cable (TL-180C)



+ A simple iPad/iPhone locking cable kit to pair with our AboveTEK Tablet Stand as the perfect solution for an iPad anti-theft stand

+ Lock your iPad at your business commercial store at checkout point so that you can focus more on customers

+ Lock the showroom display tablet at the reception desk for safety

+ Freely walk away from your pricey device without worrying about theft of your device

+ Rent iPad or other electronic devices to students or staff and lock them in place for protecting the property

This security cable chain can achieve all of that above and beyond. When pairing with our versatile AboveTEK Stands, it conveniently transcends into an iPad locking case, but with much greater value compared at those high cost locking stand with complicated structure. Lock it anywhere on the go and use your Tablet/Laptop anywhere with maximum safety and security.



  • Super value with 2 sets of adhesive sticker & anchor plate for use on multiple mobile devices, provides much needed security against theft of your various gadgets in public places, a true laptop notebook ipad lock that gives you a peace of mind.

  • Industrial grade 3M adhesive provides strong adhesive power to most flat surfaces with intense power that effectively prevents tablets or cell phones being pulled away, it's also powerful enough to be inserted in to large notebook as laptop cable lock key.

  • Extremely durable & cut-resistant galvanized steel cable with 6 feet length enables easy ipad or iphone movement while being secured; High quality stainless steel lock resists damage with smooth locking operation, an ideal ipad locking stand when paired with our various AboveTEK Tablet Stand.

  • Minimalist design ensures easy installation in seconds while highly effective and goes hand in hand with you sleek apple or android mobile display devices; High quality combination lock for easy management without hassle of physical keys; perfect as a MacBook locking cable, iPad air lock or Samsung galaxy tab cable lock.

  • Broad application with all tablets, smartphones, laptops, notebooks in various occasions for both commercial and private security including public library, cafe, restaurant, shop or retail store point of sale, showroom display and much more.

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