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Ergonomic Standing Desk



+ Adjustable laptop desk stand gives you relief of back or should pain from sitting too long

+ Small height-adjustable standing desk to fit your small office desk but capable of taking heavy load

+ Quick solution for addressing your health concern from sitting all day long during stressful working hours

+ Function as an aesthetically pleasing monitor riser for your employees so that it matches your office atmosphere and decor

+ Adjust for personalized height for various users and increase productivity & energy

+ Setup only requires one-man job

This rock solid stand-up desk can serve you all of the needs above and will surprise you with much more functions than expected. Its 30" x 20" footprint occupies much less space and real estate than those gigantic large standing desks and makes sit-to-stand immediately accessible in your limited work space at office or home. Smaller in size, but its quality and weight can easily accommodate a dual screen setup or other heavy load up to 40 lb. Nowadays we sit much longer for work than anytime in history due to development of technology and computers. As we have little time for everyday exercise, why not choose this sit-stand workstation for a constant stretch during work.


Please read through the user manual in the package for safe operation of the product.

Dimensions: 30.1"(765mm) x 20.1"(510mm) x 2.2"(55mm) Weight: 30.6 lb (13.8kg)



  • Minimal design with sturdy & rigid structure gives you absolute confidence for dual screen or laptop monitor setup as multi-task workstation due to its premium material and build quality; extremely stable with tough aluminum base.

  • Advanced air spring height adjustment stops at any levels for both men and women as ideal sit-stand desk, offering a quick switch between sitting and standing; it rises up to 16.9" to improve your posture and match eyelevel view to effectively tackle heath concerns from sitting hazard.

  • Silky-smooth air pressured spring operates both quiet and fast, 3-second lift to stand gives you constant stretch & comfort while working long hours, serving as an ergonomic desktop monitor stand riser with high-end wooden surface, a perfect hassle free standing desk solution to relieve sitting fatigue.

  • Versatile application for office professionals, students & teachers, software developers and anyone who sits all day long and desperately needs a standing desk to increase productivity or simply have a better digestion after lunch at work; its relatively small footprint suits various office desks and can be easily moved by one person.

  • No tools & installation required, a preassembled stand up desk with rounded corner for your protection, highly efficient to reduce sitting hazard & bolster health benefits through optimal standing position.

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