V Shaped Laptop Stand

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✓ SLEEK, BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Smooth, durable, premium aluminum steel matches all surfaces and devices (especially your macbooks). We’ve made this to bring your home and office desk setup to the next level! Compatible with Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and other 13-17 inch laptops and tablets.
✓ ERGONOMIC - The tilted angle of the stand helps to prevent hand, wrist, neck, and eye strain and promotes proper posture while sitting. Minimize your chances of carpal tunnel when using your laptop for extended periods of time. This is a small investment for avoiding future stress and pain!
✓ ORGANIZE and OPTIMIZE - No more untangling cords. Use the cable slot to organize your cables and keep them from cluttering up your desk and distracting your workflow. Store small items under the stand to keep them out of sight, but within easy reach.
✓ STABLE & SECURE DOCK STAND - Have you tried other computer stands, or made a makeshift one that sent your laptop tipping or falling over? The non-slip padded platform and base of this stand adds EXTRA security for your laptop/ notebook- so you can use your device confidently! The elevated stand also keeps your laptop safe from any coffee or other spills on your desk.
✓ LIGHTWEIGHT, SOLID, COOLING AIR FLOW - Easily slip this compact laptop stand in your bag and take from home, to office, to store, and back! Don’t worry about it bending or breaking, because it’s made of tough stuff! The aluminum material of this stand also naturally dissipates heat to air faster than plastic or wooden laptop docks without the use of battery power or electricity. Now that’s COOL! 


Model Number: LS-10V

UPC: 734872397639